Player Profiles: Charlie Jeffries-Tipton

An interview with one of the top DoodleJumpers in the world

Here’s a profile we did with Current Leader Board King-Pin Charlie Jeffries-Tipton. I’m sure you know the name – he’s been in a few different spots on the leader board, one of the most consistently impressive Doodlejumpers on the planet. Charlie took a few minutes to let us pick his brain so we could learn what makes this Doodlejumper from “across the pond” jump so well…

TheJoe (TJ): Name, Doodle Jump Name, Location right now.
Charlie Jeffries-Tipton (CJT): My name is Charlie Jeffries-Tipton and my screen name is actually Charlie Jeffries-Tipton. People refer to me as “Charlie Jeffrie” because my whole name didn’t fit on the leaderboard and I’m currently world record holder

TJ: What was the first thing you did after your highest score in Doodle Jump?
CJT: The first thing I did when I got my top score was sit and stare at my iPod and say “OH MY GOD!” But I was slightly annoyed as well, because I wasn’t connected to the internet at the time.

TJ: When you are not doodlejumping, you are usually doing what?
CJT: I would be either be at college, out with my mates, out at partys, going to different skateparks on my BMX, Sleeping, around my mates houses or I’ll get them to come to mine, going to different places other than my local area etc. Just to prove I do have a life besides this game!

TJ: Is there anything about Doodlejump you think you’d like to change? Or is it the most perfect thing you’ve ever come across?
CJT: I personally think that there is too many different themes coming out at the moment and people need to give LimaSky a break with asking for new themes all the time. It would really good if you could get awards for how many monsters you can shoot in a game or how many brown platforms you can break in one game then say if you shot 50 monsters in a game, you get an award and the to get a higher award, you would have to kill 100 monsters and so on.

TJ: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
CJT: The Beatles. I know the words to nearly all of their songs

TJ: If you had a time machine, what era would you visit? Why?
CJT: I think I would like to go to the 1970′s and see what my parents were like at my age. I would hang around with them and they wouldn’t know who I was at all! Ahaaa :)

TJ: Favorite Theme song from a movie or TV show?
CJT: I have to say that I really like the “friends” theme tune but the one that stands out for me and you just want to nod your head to is the “Authur” theme tune.

TJ: What is the one thing you have never done but want to do the MOST?
CJT: I have always wanted to go parachuting and scuba diving ever since I was little but I always change my mind on what I really want to do. All I want now is that pink card with my photo on it saying “Driving License” at the top. Then I’ll be able to do a lot more things that I never had the opportunity to do before.

TJ: What is your favorite Book/Movie/Band?
CJT: My favourite books were the old Biff & Chip book back when I was in reception (First year of school) only because I think that was actually the last book I ever did read. I have many different movies that I like such as: Coach Carter, Green Street, The Longest Yard, The Hangover and many more. I have to say I don’t actually have a favourite band, I just enjoy al types of music except screamo gothic music, which is what Hell would actually sound like, I think.

Thanks Charlie, and remember: don’t be surprised if you find out your parents were actually COOL in the 70’s, test the parachute before take off, and no one is a pro at parallel parking right off the bat – just like Doodlejump, it takes PRACTICE!

Happy Jumpin’!

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